Anna and the French Kiss. Stephanie Perkins.

6936382Anna and the French Kiss
by Stephanie Perkins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Anna and the French Kiss is funny, and light and most definitely entertaining. A great summer read that’s fluffy in all the write places.

Anna is sent to France for boarding school by a father she couldn’t care less about, and away from her best friend, mum and brother, and, oh yeah the great job that she had and the great guy who she was actually about to get somewhere with.

But when Anna gets to France, things take a turn, and maybe not for the better.

Okay so yes, this book is light and fluffy. It’s set in Paris and it is romantic. It has its ups and its downs. It’s funny and sad.

It’s everything. So yes pick it up and give it a try.

That’s the good part. The bad part is…

IT is freaking stuffed with clichés! Every page there is at least one. NOT that that is a really bad thing. It can be bad because its repetitive, but good too because, well, it makes the dialog familiar.

If I liked a boy who was willing to cheat on his girlfriend – sort of – then who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again?

Kissing in public when the guy already has a girlfriend – over romanticised? Or just plain stupid?

And my biggest pet peeve about this novel is that Anna keeps on crapping on about how ‘beautiful’ Etienne is. God. Twilight much? Oh yeah the scene where they sleep in the same bed without doing anything…reminds me of twilight, but I think the innocence of the scene makes it less nauseous for me.

HOWEVER that does not mean you shouldn’t read this book. You should def’s read it because a) who knows when you need some overly dramatic, highly clichéd, fluffy read? and b) It’s pretty good.

And it reminds me of something Meg Cabot might write – minus the over the top clichés (The Mediator Series) or Jenny Han (The summer I turned Pretty) or Isabelle Merlin (Three Wishes) or Simone Elkeles (Leaving Paradise, Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction) or Jennifer Echols (Going Too Far) or Elizabeth Scott (Perfect You). I’ve just picked some authors and books that are similar – mind not the same – that anyone has read and liked, would like this one. I would have put Sarah Dessen down, but this novel seemed more romanc-y than teen angst – as in dealing with the more serious issues that Dessen’s books do deal with asides from the love angle of course.

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