The FitzOsbourne At War. Michelle Cooper.

13414810The FitzOsbornes at War
by Michelle Cooper

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I both loved and hated this book, review soon.


This book does war justice. Sophie’s near unbiased recount is very justified. I loved seeing the aspect of war from her perspective. I loved hearing her voice. I also loved that the main characters were not unaffected by the repercussions of war. I love and hated what happened to Toby. And Toby was an awesome character! I feel sorry that Henry didn’t have the same amount of attention given to her as some of the other characters, but what did happen, I think was the saddest part of this book.

What happened happened so quickly I barely processed what happened. One page was a letter from Henry, all cheerful and happy, the next, the news. the reality of such a jarring contradiction within two pages of each other was both powerfully saddening and yet excessively annoying (I mean did what happened to Henry really need to happen?). (view spoiler)

What I didn’t like…this is truly a diary novel. I mean I hate diary novels, the whole recounting of events between the last entry and the next. That nearly always annoyed me. But with this, I don’t know, maybe it’s the voice Cooper gives Sophie, I just liked the whole style. I don’t know I liked it. But Sophie. Sometimes I felt Sophie was sometimes too distant to the things she talks about. As much as I liked the way she told the events, sometimes it was dreary. Sometimes it was enlightening. But for the dreary times, I must say, I was disappointed. But when the action got going, the language was amazingly descriptive.

And then there was the relationship between Sophie and Rupert. I mean in the second book I remember how sweet they would be together, I think it was also hinted at as well. But I can’t agree with the way they came together in this last book. Yes it was still amazing, but no, it felt forced. I swear there was more passion between Sophie and Simon than there was with Sophie and Rupert. Blah! Ugh! Oh I don’t know. Whatever.

So here’s my conclusion. If you loved/liked the first and second books, since they were so awesome, then you should definitely read this one. This was is just as good and great if a bit slow to start. The only reason it took me so long to read this was because I read two other books in between. (Had to read those before they needed to go back to the library).

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