Fury. Shirley Marr.

by Shirley Marr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wouldn’t know where to shelve this. This book isn’t really much of a book either. Yes it tells a story. Yes it flows with the beauty of Shirley Marr’s prose. But in the end what does the protagonist learn? I remember reading one other book with the same sense of despondency I was left with when I finished this book. I think it was called ‘Bad’ but by who knows, I can’t remember. Though the premise and all wasn’t the same, but the ending, where the protagonist hasn’t really changed at all was the same. I liked this book. It felt realistic, the feelings, the emotions, the motives of the protagonist, they felt real. They turned the pages for me and I had to read it.

It is truly a wonderful book. There isn’t a happy ending, and the ending itself is as ambiguous as to Eliza Boans’ fate. But there is so much strength in it about friendship and love and fate. Eliza doesn’t deny her actions, she accepts them.

Oh wow, this wasn’t much of a review after all. I guess you have to read this book to really understand just how spoilt Eliza is.

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