Random Music Moment #107

Omgggg now there was never any denying that Jiordan on X-factor has one of the most mesmerising voices this season, but I never imagined how her performance of Micheal Jackson’s Thriller would turn out as it had on Sunday.  Now, I’m usually not much of a fan of others singing MJ’s songs, there’s just something not quite right about the renditions, and I usually never like them.  But it seems this season, I’m being surprised and surprised again.  Jiordan’s Thriller is as spine chilling as the original.  Even though the style is different, you just can’t help but get sucked into her performance.  Actually, it’s completely different to the original, you could even say it’s the complete opposite, yet it has the same kind of impact (well I think so anyway).  I really loved this performance, even as much as Joelle’s and Third Degree, who are my favourites!

Today’s Random Music Moment is Thriller sung by Jiordan Tolli.




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