Endless Monotony.

There is a constant strumming

In the background,

Behind the buzzing words,

Beyond the narrated images,

It’s hovering like a fly,

Sticky to that that is meat,

Tempted by the smells,

In swarms with the heat.

I sense an endless monotony,

Of constant humming sound,

Filling the spaces between noises,

That carpet my mind in fury.

I walk along an empty road,

Searching for that breathless tomorrow,

And yet my future,

Is unset in stone,

Changing tiles from left to right,

Building upon each other,

Changing from endless monotony,

To an endless forever,

Giving me hope,


And beauty.

I reach the end,

Of a journey,

Long and fraught,

With hurt, pain, love,

And surprises around every corner,

Blooming colour,

In endless monotony,

I can’t see anything else,

I can’t feel anything but the,

Constant strumming,

In the background,

Keeping me awake,

Opening my eyes,

I see,




Across the bright sky,

All the colours

Of my imagination,

Creating a rainbow,

Bursting apart,

The endless monotony,

Of the days past.


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