Restoring Harmony. Joelle Anthony.

Restoring HarmonyRestoring Harmony
by Joelle Anthony

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was sweet. A cute little adventure that has neither too much action, too little action, too little romance, too much romance, a strong protagonist, an interestingly different love interest, slight humour, road trip, and the list goes on…
I actually really enjoyed this considering how long it took for me to finish it. Then again it wasn’t boring. Instead it had the slow magical pace of a beautiful narrator. Molly is sometimes naïve, optimistic (a great characteristic in her since it gets her through even the hardest times), hard working and understanding.
This novel is unique in the sense that it is a very rare find within a sea of paranormal romance novels, contemporary romance and fantasy, all of which, most of the time have strong focuses on the romance/love angle. Yeah there are probably some that aren’t so much focussed in that way , but they’re usually a rare find. Most of the stories like those, you’d find them aimed at a younger audience. But still, this was a sweet and enjoyable read, perfect for a depressing day. While not a leap out of your chair level of amazing, it has a blissful sense to it. This is a story of a girl set in a not too distant future who just wants to get home. Taking on her grandparents, and the children of her neighbour, she meets a few interesting characters as she tries to get home. At the end of there are only happy smiles. Like I said, a sweet little read.

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