The Yara Silva Trilogy. Lani Woodland.

by Lani Woodland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s just something about a book where the main character dies and re-experiences her death over and over again with the boy she’s interested in. At first when Brent becomes cold towards her, I was a little worried that this would become another Twilight but then the action kicked in, and hell yeah, the truth comes out. I loved how Lani Woodland created her masterpiece, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Yara and Brent’s relationship grows. It’s not an instant attraction, not in the same sense as all these other novels. No it’s a different kind. The natural, I-just-saved-your-life-and-I’m-totally-crushing-on-you kind, or more relevantly, I-just-bumped-into-you-and-whoa-you-go-to-my-school-schweet!-kind. It’s normal. Happens everyday. Only Yara’s is slightly more supernatural.

Anyway the story gets really interesting when the plot kicks in. When Yara can’t tell at first who is the ghost, and why there is seemingly two ghosts. HEr fear is warranted because she’s never wanted the Waker gift that her grandmother has. And that in itself is understandable. It’s like every other normal teenage girl who hates the part of their genetic make up that suddenly becomes the most awesome feature they have because it’s unique. What I’m trying to say is that throughout Woodland’s novel, Yara grows. She learns to accept and because of the things that happen to her, she changes.

As for her and Brent, their relationship develops over time, although it is seemingly convenient that they end up in the same place together, they aren’t star-crossed lovers. They actually progress from acquaintance to friends to the next level. It’s sweet how it works, and it’s not often that you see such romantic plot lines that do not exceed ordinary or reflect life. That was one aspect that I really enjoyed in Intrinsical.

The Plot was interesting. You have to read to really understand. There are ghosts and thrilling happenings as well as a bit of coming-of-age.

The Writing, a little jarring at first but once the rhythm of the story started flowing it fell into a entrancing state of poetic-ness? – if one can put it that way. The writing engaged the reader and with the plot line encouraged said reader to continue reading.

The Cover.  I love the Yarra Silva Trilogy covers.  They’re so pretty and they’re totally relevant to the story!

Overall Intrinsical was a satisfying beautiful and refreshing read that deserves a chance.

by Lani Woodland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What can I say?  Lani Woodland you did it again!  The writing was amazing, the characters were true, the love was strong, and the entire plot was twisting!  Some sequels have disappointed me, because they generally seem a pale comparison of the first but Indelible was not one of those.  No Indelible was one of those that you cannot put down, and that you love because it is as amazing as the first.

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