The Desert Rose.

I am that seedling,

Carelessly planted by a man,

Who had not a brain to think

Further than what he sowed

In a land that was barren,

Hard dirt, and solid rock,

Blistering under the sun

From dawn to dusk.

I am withering,

Under the endless heat,

Flourishing in the cold of the night,

Sprouting the skin,

Of someone under pressure,

Fighting the weather,

Every sun up,

Til sun down,

Pushing through,

I will reach the sky.

I am growing,

At a rate beyond slow,

Blooming with beauty,

Unknown to this land,

Glowing bright, liquid,

In the aridness,

Thorn covered,

For protection,

Against a wildness

Of a heart downtrodden,

I will rage, soar, far higher,

Than the seedling that had begun,

From a man who carelessly sowed,

What he will, where he willed,

Leaving his seedling behind.

I will conquer,

This parched waterless wasteland,

Bringing the rain, unseen,

Become the queen

Of roses, thorny and protected,

By the shear will power,

Of a seed long forgotten,

Blossoming with beauty,

This land shall flower,

Under the eyes,

Of the Desert Rose.


11 thoughts on “The Desert Rose.

  1. Love this poem and the symbolism in the words. You are gifted and don’t let the man who sowed your seed and left define your life. You can blossom with beauty and grow into success πŸ™‚

  2. This is truly riveting. I understand the symbolism of the careless man. At first I read it as the man planting you because he knew how strong you would be in the end…and not as a careless father figure. But awesome πŸ™‚

    • Interesting interpretation! I think it can go both ways, because I myself, know that my father, despite leaving my mum and I when I was young, and not really showing my responsibility for me, also realises (particularly when we talk now) that I have grown up strong. I guess, in my mind I also had the image of a Rose Queen lording over the desert, a child left behind to grow up to become someone great and powerful, succeeding even when all looks dark. I haven’t got that far yet, I’m still learning to be that Desert Rose. Thank you so much for reading!

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