Random Music Moment #103

My love
Your love
Has opened up a world I’ve never known
All hope
Was found
A place I never dreamed I would go
Feels like only yesterday I had locked my heart away
Safe behind a castle of stone
Sure I’d always be alone
Only you know how
To hear me through the silence
You reach a part of me that no one else can see
Forever true there’s only me and only you
Only me and you


Oh me, oh my, how I love music that random pops out of nowhere, invades my private space from around the corner, and wriggles its way into my peace, sinking me into a hole of utter bliss.  If the lyrics up there aren’t enough to turn your insides into mush, wait until you hear the song in full.  There is nothing but love in this song.  I felt it in my bones, through the tone of the singer’s voice, and in the lyrics, made specially for The Young Victoria film starring Emily Blunt.  

It was just the other night, channel 9 was showing The Young Victoria, when I was mesmerised, not by the movie (which I watched and enjoyed the first time round – who doesn’t love a bit of dolled up history every now and then?) but by the song that played in the credits, and probably throughout the film (except, it seems like I’d failed to notice).  I was entranced, sitting there, with my laptop poised on my lap, as I listened to this song, sung by a voice, that I felt like, “oh my goodness, I think I’m in love”.  But really, what a wonderful theme for a movie about not only the former Queen Victoria when she started out, but a movie that focussed on her romance.   I have so many words, and so little to say about this, but I’ll settled for this:  Please enjoy today’s Random Music Moment (if you feel like listening of course) Only You performed by Sinead O’Connor.



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