Dokuhime (Poison Princess). Mitsukazu Mihara.

毒姫 1 [Dokuhime] (Poison Princess, #1)毒姫 1 [Dokuhime]
by Mitsukazu Mihara

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even though this josei, it also has a feel of shoujo. I really like the court politics and intrigues going on. And there’s also a feel of horror/thriller.

Even though I prefer hardassed heroine’s, Lycoris’s fragileness makes her likeable since she hates what she is and prefers not to kill anyone.

“The King of Gladol had three sons. The Perfect Child, The Protecting Child and the Useless Child.”
Lycoris is a Poison Princess sent to kill the King of Gladol. Yet, when she arrives, she’s not only discovered, but kept captive. Nothing is as it seems.

Lycoris is a surprisingly fragile female protag. Yet at the same time she doesn’t seem that weak. As the Poison Princess, she is under house arrest with the three princes, a secret, merely for the purposes of the three princes political power plays. Even though she is a fragile character, she has a strong will to live, as well as compassion. I like this aspect of her, which is probably one of the reasons why I’m still reading this manga.

The three princes, are the characters of a prophecy made. One is the Perfect child, One is the Protecting Child and One is the Useless Child. From the start, it looks like Hal is the Perfect Child, Mao the Protecting Child and Kait the Useless Child. But as the manga moves on, clearly, that’s not the case. All three of them are a part of a plot that is, one, to save the kingdom and two, beat the prophecy. I really like each character, and also the fact that each one has the potential to love Lycoris is fascinating, despite the fact that she’s completely poison and cannot possibly touch anyone. Hal, is interesting, he’s brutal to Lycoris first, but over time, when they start to connect, he starts to like her. He’s actually quite gentle, yet he’s conflicted because of the truth of his role in the prophecy. Mao, I think, comes off as rather kind of sexy. He’s the least trusting of the three and is the food taster for his brother. So he knows the extent of Lycoris’s poison. Yet, he also shows signs of potentially liking Lycoris. However he’s pretty mean to her, although sometimes, kind. Kait is the last child, sometimes he comes off as quite creepy, but most of the time, he is the only one to be so close to Lycoris. He’s the least wanted child of the brothers yet he’s also the one that first discovered Lycoris’s status as a Poison Princess. He’s also afraid of himself, just like the other two brother’s because of the prophecy and that fact that it had inferred that the Useless Child is the one who will bring destruction.

In the fictional country of Gladol

There’s a lot of suspense and emotional. I really get the chills when I read this. And with all the political plots and conspiracies, it’s no surprise that each chapter holds on major cliffhanger. Lycoris as a pretty demure character, has a large presence within the story.
Artwork, in this, it’s pretty shocking at first. It’s not pretty and easy to cope with, yet it’s also not annoying and ugly. It’s in between. Like the eyes are pretty big and the lashes are long, the face structures are not exactly handsome on the guys, but they’re not unpleasant. I think the artwork takes getting use to, but once you’re used it, it’s not so bad.

I find this an interesting manga, even though it’s not finished yet, so far, I’m intrigued to read more. It’s a pretty damn fascinating take on fantasy and prophecy. There’s so much drama and suspense, especially when you learn about the history behind the three brother’s, it’s like One Piece all over again (The chapters when the relationship between Luffy and Ace are revealed), I really feel the pain and I really wanted to know these people. I think this is a manga worth reading, even if it’s Josei and has that “dark and gloomy” atmosphere, I think it’s worth it.

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