The Water Along The Shore.

The water along the shore,

Crashes without a sound,

Their waves bring emotions,

Across from other lands.

I close my eyes,

And count to three,

Breathing through my nose,

Breathing out through my lips.

The sand brushes my cheeks,

Blowing with the wind,

Kissing my lips,

Telling me that I am loved.

I sigh with my eyes open,

And sing the number three,

Looking for the sound of the waves,

That crashed along the shore.

The heat from the sun,

Beats down on my pale skin,

Turning it brown,

Looking for the summer touch.

I hum with my eyes blinking,

And count time in three,

The sound is coming,

Chasing across the sea.

The water along the shore,

Is the bringer of the others,

Giving us a sign of a life,

Beyond our own.

I sing out loud,

In time with three,

Sending my message,

Across, far and beyond

The water along the shore.

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