An Endless Dream of Time.

We are sitting in an endless dream,

Of endless flowing time,

That stays still, counting none forward,

Turning none back,

Melting on dream branches

And spreading across the land

Like a disease

Setting in to rot,


Time is of an essence,

Unfounded in nature,

Of wanting and needing,

Of constantly vying,

Whining for the lack of time,

It’s at the tips of our fingers,

Slipping through as we close our hands,

It dances around us,

Making us a fool,

Counting the seconds,

As the clock strikes one.

We chase the endlessness of time,



Reaching out,

For what will always evade us,

At our greatest moment of need.

We are sitting in an endless dream

Persistently chasing what we cannot catch,

With a net,

Or a fork,

Or the boundless space of our minds,

It will always evade us,

Circle around us,

Age us,

Terrify us,

Sitting still,

Is just an endless dream,

For us who moves with time,

Going with the flow,

Counting what can’t be counted,

Taking our hopes and knowledge,

Knowing that time cannot freeze…

We are just sitting in an endless dream.

[Hehe, omg lol, Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Time inspired me!]

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