The Platinum Garden.

I was inspired by this manga even though this poem probably doesn’t really relate to it.  I think I was more inspired by the title, and the idea of a “platinum garden” than what the story was about (but I did like the way the story was going).


The Platinum Garden.

In the platinum garden,

We are just

One and two,

Walking in the shadows,

Hiding in the dark.

We know the secrets of those

Who come,

With their hearts full of desire,

Lust and fear.

We know the secrets of those,

Who run wild

With fury and want.

We know the secrets of those,

Looking for a safe haven.

But they don’t know,

This is a garden

For secrets to come out,

Furious and wild,

Tame and heart torn,

Courageous and enchanted.

One and two,

Walk in threes and fours,

Whispering the secrets,

Hiding in the light,

By the shadows of their oppressors,

Welcome to the platinum garden,

Where we take

Your secrets as payment,

For the solace of sanctity,

In the belief that there is peace,

To be had,

By the secrets that we hide,

From those that we love.

In the platinum garden

We are just one and two,

Walking in pairs,

Six and eight.

This it the place of enchantment,

Of lust and hidden desire,

Drawn out by the wilds that bloom,

Without fear and refrain,

Without hate and dislike,

With love and pain.

Welcome to the Platinum Garden.


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