Butterfly Of Change.


Take away the pain,

Aching in my heart,

Butterfly with white wings,

And the symbol of death,

Etched on its back,

Burned by power of

Past and history,

Presented to the future,

With hope and,


Change the world with

The flap of your effervescent wings,

Glimmering in the darkness,

Of hope undenied.

One moment in time,

Sifted in the light,

Of the Time Lady herself,

The change that will come,

And the change that will give,

The freedom of life,

And the gift of the heavens,

Shining bright,

Glowing gold,

Singing the praises,

Of a future to behold.

Take away the pain,

Seared in my heart,

Burned by ecstasy,

Butterfly of change,

Flap your wings for me,

Give me the strength I crave

To stand up,

Be brave,

And face the future,

I am so afraid of.

Give me happiness,



And brightness.

I will change the aching,


Burning pain,

I will take this sign,

And change it as it changed me.

Butterfly of Change,

Light of tomorrow,

Dark of the past,

You are change,

Happiness, sadness,

Life, death,

Bring it,

As it will be.



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