I Exist.

You’re a stranger in my sight,

In a uniform that forbids me from touching you.

I’m watching you as you walk,

Watching as you make your plays

Against the bad,

Against injustice,

Against the wrong

That is committed.

I am a precious daughter,

A girl, privileged and young,

Who stares down at everyone,

And thinks of nothing but of herself.

But you’re a man,

Whose blond hair,

Blue eyes,

And bad guy demeanour,

Is but a stranger in my sight,

Giving me no reason to look at you,


When I chose to make a big mistake,

Just waiting for a scolding,

And then the chance to do it again,

You picked me up,

And walked away.

Did you know to save me?

You were just a stranger in my sight,

Going from one to one,

Doing nothing but lecturing them,

In that harsh, cold manner,

That only one can describe,

As a man with a delinquent attitude.

Even though I only think of you,

I no longer disrespect myself.

I look forward,

To the same light,

With a different attitude,

And even though you’re over there,

And I’m over here,

I’m walking the right path,

Doing what I can,

To help you out,

Even if,

You don’t even know

I exist.

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