How I Spend Me-Time (TAG!)

SO Sophie over at Young, Wild and Writing has started this new blog post called TAG! and it’s all about what you do and how you spend your ‘me-time’ which I think sounds pretty cool.  After all, I’ve only recently finished my exams – albeit it was only one exam (but it was at the end of the exam period) – I’ve suddenly got so much to catch up on which I missed out doing while I was at uni.

The TAG! topic is “Me-time” according to Sophie’s post, so what do I do in my me time?

2013-06-30 14.22.30

My little Book of Musings which I use to write random things

1- Writing – Writing for me is a me-time thing to do.  I usually pick up a lot of inspiration wherever I go and for as long as I can remember, for me, it’s all about my Book of Musings and the possibility of either writing another short story/poem or building up another imaginary fantasy world to chase after my dream career.  It really is a relief that I can use words to express things, especially when there was a time when I felt I couldn’t express myself at all.

2- Reading – I am a serial reader.  I can’t help it, I read too much.  Seriously, I put books on hold at the library and then I put more books on hold, until I have too many books on hold and I can barely carry then out of the library.  Haha, it’s a good thing the borrowing period if four weeks, but still, there are times, that my crazy holding-of-omg-the-new-release-books spree becomes a pile of books that even I can’t finish in four weeks.  During the uni semester though, I miss out on reading a lot because I spend so much time reading academic papers which more often than not, are kinda boring (no offence!).

2013-06-30 14.23.14

Sketch books! I think the blue one is number 11

3- Drawing – I love drawing, it’s one of my favourite things to do.  Unfortunately, unlike writing I have a much harder time gathering inspiration.  I also think I have a tendency to be unable to picture how things fit together, so I take twice as long sketching than inking.  You know I was once told that people who are good at maths are also good at art.  I’m fairly good at maths, so I guess I’m fairly good at art? Well Whatever it is, I really enjoy drawing, good or not, I do it in my me-time.  I’m not that great, but feel free to check out some of it here.

4- Pondering the English Language – Okay cut me a break…haha, so since I decided to major in English as an International Language, I’ve become more aware of the issues that we discuss in class, and alot of the time, I watch something and then I question it.  It sounds like a totally nerdy thing to do, but I really do love looking at the current state of the English language and how it’s developed around the word, I just think its fascinating!

5- Manga – I love reading manga, almost otaku level (I actually prefer it over anime).  So this a total me-time thing.  The idea of spending a good few hours doing nothing but reading manga whether it’s online or in paperback form.

Instruction for Tag:

Bloggers tagged in this post are not being obliged to do a similar post.  After all this is just for fun so if you feel like doing it, feel free and if not, then don’t.  No harm done.  If you are saying yes to this, all you have to do is make a similar post presenting your list in any possible way.  It is up to you for as long as it shows how you spend me-time.  Be it through pictures, poetry, a narrative, haiku, etc.  As you finish, it is also suggested that you tag another five bloggers to your post so the fun will spread and who knows, a little self-reflection may go a long way.

I hope fellow tagged bloggers that you might join in on the fun as well :)!

As for me, here are my tagged bloggers:






9 thoughts on “How I Spend Me-Time (TAG!)

  1. Fun tag 🙂
    Thank you for tagging me, unfortunately I already have a full set of posts for July, but I’ll share mine here.

    I envy your ability to draw…I really can’t draw. Lucky you 🙂

    How I spent my time is quite simple, just read my blog 😉 It’s never far from Listening to music, Reading books, watching movies/tvseries, playing with my turtles and writing for my blogs 🙂

    • 😀 that is unfortunate, but thanks for sharing with me! :))) Naww, you’re very kind, I think I take my drawing skills for granted…
      🙂 sounds like great me-time things to do. Turtles, awesome! I wish I had turtles. They seem like very peaceful creatures. Sounds like fun :), yeah, your blog is definitely fun to read, there are so many things that you do! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Haha…yeah having so much to share kinda limit other things and I prefer to write max 3 times a week so I have space in between my posts. Thank you for always reading my useless rambling 😉

        Oh yes!! Turtles are soooo fun. Love them with all my heart.

        • That’s such a good idea…I think I might giving myself a day in between posts so I can regenerate. But it’s also addictive wanting to post everyday…I get on wordpress and feel like posting…except I have nothing to post -.-|| . Of course! It’s fun reading what you write 🙂 makes me smile haha.

          They sound awesome. I have a dog and a bird, but they’re both so noisy most of the time. Still, love them!

            • Lolll true! Actually I usually do that when I’m either procrastinating or at night, but somehow I’m just getting so busy lately…sigh life is hard, but at least there are blogs such as yours and others than give me a break 🙂

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