The Political Vote.

We pick and choose and hope for the better,

Voting for the better policies,

Voting for a fairer work place,

We pick and choose and think


But we only see a public image

Of the face that will lead our country

And our states,

With their heartful—

Powerful promises,

Made in exchange for our votes,

And hopefully our hearts.

But we don’t see the snarl and sly smile

Possibly hidden—

Hiding behind the cameras

And that winning smile.

It wrenches me,

Irritates me,

Takes away my faith

In humanity,

As I see that fake smile

Being boosted up

As the victorious winner.

I don’t even care about the loser,

With her red hair,

White hair,

Bland poker face.

I don’t care,

Because everyone’s cheering

Hooray!  We are saved.

But what’s the point?

It’s not the golden age…

Where politics was as hard as rock,

And difficult to smash,

It’s just a pathetic game now,

No one genuine,

No one real,

Except I suppose,

The one who was stabbed in the back,

Given the final letter,

Turned over in favour of a sweet talker,

I suppose they were interesting.

It’s too bad that they’re all the same now,

Same look,

Same smile,

Same exaggerated promises,

Draining my expectations,

Because they’re just the same as the one,

They pushed off the seat to win

During the race of the Political vote.



Okay some notes!  First, I wrote this before the Big Event down under last night, so this is actually how I felt before hand.  It seems kind of harsh, not that I read over it and think about it.  I’m not really political, and since Australia is a compulsory voting country, I can’t really say how many there out there who are really serious about voting, or about what happens beside what suits them the best.  Anyway, I wrote this originally because I thought that there was without a doubt that Tony Abbott would win (no offence Julia Gillard – you’re an idol of mine being the first woman PM but sad to say, it was a tough journey and in the end you lost…) but now that Kevin Rudd (who was originally voted as PM six years ago by the public) is back as PM, I think the world is going slightly crazy…I’m running behind him, because he would have had my vote first time round, but stilllll somehow there’s still a chance Australia is going to be Abbott’s Australia…and I’m not so sure how I feel about that…except.  In regards to this moment-of-madness poem about politics, I feel that it’s really hard for PM candidates to stand out right now…and now that Labor is a mess…well as happy as I am about K-Rudd back in action, I really feel, overall, very sorry for both K-Rudd and Julia Gillard as political figures and outstanding members of Parliament…this kind of whackiness I feel has got to be the only thing that can happen in this era, at this time, in this country, man I’m so I guess ecstatic?  to be living this momentous yet ridiculous moment in Australian Political history?  Lol anyway ‘scuse my little political rant (it seems I just couldn’t help myself….) because it is just frustrating! 

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