Random Music Moment #95

I’m hitting the final last few days of the exam period and I don’t know, yesterday out of nowhere I suddenly felt incredibly depressed.  It’s completely unusual for me, firstly, and secondly, I didn’t even realise it until something attacked me, and I became aware of the feelings that had been swirling in my head!  It was kind of scary.  I spent the whole night trying to organise those scary thoughts in my head…then I realised I had no idea why I was feeling so dark…so I started listening to music…and you know!  Music has that nostalgicness to it that sometimes I really hate, but others love!  I listened to the music I listened to in highschool, and I listened to this one, ahhhh nostalgic haha.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did since it had that amazing effect of calming down :P… which yesterday it certainly drew me out of my strangely strange day!  Today’s Random Music Moment, Kiss the Rain by Yiruma.



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