Where does the world stop?

Where does the world stop?

Spinning on its tilted axel,

Turning constantly,

Counting our time.

We’re constantly moving,

Changing our lives,

Finding tomorrow,

Finding today.

Who is the one that we’re looking for?

Dressed in that little black dress,

Suited up to their neck in shirt and tie,

Their faces hidden in the dark.

We’re constantly searching,

For someone in the crowd,

Waiting always,

For a love, and hate, anticipating.

Why do we think we know everything?

We know nothing in reality,

Pretending to be smart,

Pretending to be dumb,

Choosing to be obnoxious.

Who do we think we are?

Chasing our dreams

As though it’s not impossible?

Who do we think we are?

Wanting the world to stop

For just one moment,

So that we can breathe,

And feel the beat of our hearts.

How do we know where the rain falls?

It’s impossible to predict to the closest cm,

But we still try our hardest,

To predict the future,

For the sake of looking forward,

We ask again,

And we ask always,

Where does the world stop?

And the answer we find…

Is that it never does,

Because it will always move,

Because we must always go forward.

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