Quote #107

T.S. EliotFrom T. S. Eliot (Four Quartets)…

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”

[I always hear and read things about and from T.S. Eliot, but somehow that’s not how I imagined how he’d look like lol]


8 thoughts on “Quote #107

    • Lol, keep persevering! I’ve only read a little bit of T. S. Eliot myself, but I prefer Philip Larkin (as depressing as he can be)…haha

      • Me too. T.S Eliot was too much like one of those men who come up to you in the street and ask “Are you dying yet”. They make you wiser but don’t add spring to your step. Larkin makes me laugh “They muck you up your mum and dad2. I’ve changed a word in case you hav’nt eaten yet.

        • Yeah, Eliot just depresses me a bit about the reality of fate. LOL it’s okay, I’ve eaten! And I remember that poem haha that one got me, loved it!

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