The Dogs Are…

The dogs are howling,

In the night,

Disturbing my sleep,

And tossing my covers.

The dogs are barking ,

In the daylight,

Non-stop, not even when

They go hoarse in the throat.

The dogs are whining,

In the late afternoon,

Looking at something,

Unable to do anything.

The dogs are scared,

At the crack of thunder,

Wriggling into darkness,

From big to small.

The dogs are happy,

At our arrival,

Wagging their tails, jumping,

Unable to walk straight.

The dogs are sad,

At the face of despair,

Head on their paws,

Their tails down, watching, sad.

The dogs are our best friends,

Walking by our sides,

Taking our every stride,

As pieces of gold, worth millions.

The dogs are our bodyguards,

From big to small, they

Will protect us,

As we would protect them.

The dogs are precious,

Best friends,


Excited, always to see you.


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