Language is…

Something to communicate,

Through our mouths,

Through our expressions.

We cannot be

Without our language

To be misunderstood

Is a terrible fate.

But language is a fatal,

Touch of human misfortune

Taking in the sun

Soaking in the darkness

Expression what we feel

Whenever we want to communicate.

Language is,


Language is,


Language is,

Human choice.

We must speak how we feel

How we hate

How we love

How we get anxious

And want nothing more than to be

Reassured, yet there are,

The moments when

Our language is lost

Beyond our control,

For some reason,

We just can’t speak,

The moments are lost.

But when we can,

The world blooms,

In light and dark,

Blossoming in sunshine,

Fiery hot,

Swathed with moonlight,

Gleaming bright.




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