The Falling Star.

I am strength,

And beauty,

And elegance abound,

Standing on the stage,

With flowers in my hair,

And flowers on the ground.

The light is shining on me,

I am the shining light,

Looking down on the mere-lings,

Waving my well trained hands,

At the sight of their awe.

I am the shining star,

Standing in the heavens,

Soaking up the glory,

Of the next great win,

And then,

The clouds shift above me,

Covering the floor below me,

Hiding the eyes that watched me.

I make my next move,

With more triumph and glory in mind,

And the boss smiles,

A smile less bright

Than the one before.

We waver,

Just slightly at this slight change.

It startles me.

It scares me.

It gives something to fight fall.

But when I fight,

It suddenly dawns,

The very fact,

That I’m not good enough anymore.

But I still keep trying,

Even though the smile wanes,

And nothing comforts me,

Not chocolate,

Not wine,

Not even the friends that come around.

I can’t see anything,

I can’t feel anything,

I’m just another fallen star.

I was used like a dishrag,

Thrown away.

I was petted like a dog,

Then abandoned.

I was nothing but a tool,

Used to turn the cogs of tomorrow.

I am a fallen star,

Wallowing in my pity,

But I won’t stay like this.

I won’t let myself be the fallen star,

I won’t let others look down on me.

When the sky is dark,

I know there is a light,

That will shine before me,

And I know that it is me,

Only me,

Who will rise,

And rise,

From below to above,

Once more.


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