Random Music Moment #87.

Harry Potter, for most of my generation was the ‘It’ of the generation.  It was series that everyone read, everyone dressed up as on dress up day, and the one no one missed – either the movie or books – though guess I can’t say all, since I’m always surprised the ones who’ve never done either and has no interest either.  But I have to say… I’m definitely a fan, of the books and most of the movies (some just messed it all up!) and I guess I like some of the music too!  Like today’s Random Music Moment, this is one of my favourite pieces from the series, and I just love it!

A Window to the Past” by John Williams


2 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #87.

  1. As from a different generation, I watched my kids all taken up with Harry Potter- it is phenomenal the influence this H.P. series had on them… I watched the movies, maybe read one of the books, but some of my kids read each of the books 8 times! So Powerful the effect it had on your generation!

    • I’ve read them about that many times too so to me it’s almost inconceivable to understand how it’s not the best series of my gen lol. I’m pretty amazed myself, it it’s quite surprising…though I figure there are some in my gen that disagree haha.

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