Random Music Moment #85

What songs get stuck in you head?  Annoying songs, good songs, songs that blow your mind?  Wellllll this was stuck in my head for a bit, and I mean, I keep hearing about this song, and hearing about this song, and hearing about this song.  It wasn’t until the other day that I decided to actually take the time to listen to it, oh do dare mention that I was procrastinating…again?  It’s come to my attention that if I were to describe the every day uni student I would probably say…hard worker at work, or lazy…, working and studying, social, oh and the most important one…procrastinatorsssss.  Well I don’t work yet, but I’m hard-fast becoming a procrastinator!

Anyway so asides from the reason above, I forget the other reason why I wanted to check this song out.  I think it had something to do with its genre anyway, it was a nice surprise!  I really, have come, to the point where I might actually listen to more by Owl City.  Please enjoy today’s Random Music Moment: Fireflies by Owl City…!


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