The Moon.

Is so far from us

That the worlds collide

To be one

And the same

As the light that is reflected

From the sky

In the midnight


The Moon

Is bright,

Shining down on us,

Granting us light,

Directing our path,

Taking our hands,

And holding tight.

We are its subjects,




We cannot live,

If we do not see

That ball of moonlight.

We are,

Under the Queen’s command

Ready to stand,

Ready to walk

When asked.

The Moon

Changes shape

According its moon,

Breathing in

Until it’s full

Then out,

Releasing its celestial breath

To the stars,

To grow some more.

Always give us your light


And iridescent

Bright and


We are the Moon’s children



Under her watchful eye

Thank you

Queen Mother,

Thank you

All seeing


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