Random Music Moment #75

So, following such a simple stage performance and winning song such as Lena’s Satellite from Germany, I wondered who could possibly win.  We’d already had something exotic (Greece 2005), something scary (Finland 2006), something big-voiced (Serbia 2007),  something beautiful (Russia 2008), something fantasy (Norway 2009), and something simple (Germany 2010), so who could possibly be next?

Now I’ll say it, because I’ve always believed, I like Azerbaijan’s performances.  I do think their song choices are excellent   But the winner of the 2011 Eurovision song contest certainly surprised me.  Actually overall, it was very hard for me to pick a possible winner that year, there were so many songs I’d put on the same level, and not really any that stood out to me.  Except well, Azerbaijan stood out because of the beautiful stage presence.  They do look very pretty up there on stage.

Let me introduce you to today’s Random Music Moment, the winner of the 2011 Eurovision Song ContestRunning Scared by Ell & Nikki


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