If I told you I had a secret to keep,

I meant it.

If I told you I had a secret to keep,

I did not say

Tell it to the world.

If I told you I had a secret to keep,

I told you because

I trusted you

With the thing I wanted most to hide.

Yet why did you tell the thing,

Why did you say the words

I said not to say?

Who are you?

You were my friend?

You were my secret keeper?

You were the person searching

For a reason to hate me?


What did I ever do to you?

Did I take your heart,

Take your soul,

Cut it, combine it,

Shed it so that you’re heartless?

Did I bereft you of something?

Did I harm you?

Who are you?

Who gave you the right to humiliate me?

Especially when I trusted you the most?

You are just the vilest person I know,

Taking advantage of someone

Because you know you can.

You are the most heartless person I know,

Using someone else, you don’t know,

For the sake of advancing yourself.

You are the worst living being alive

Knowing the other’s weakness

To save yourself.

Secrets are for keeping.

Secrets are of friendship.

Secrets can’t be told.

That’s why they’re secrets.

That’s why no one knows.

That’s why people try so hard

To find out the secrets

To get advantage over someone else

Not just for their sake,

By primarily so.

It’s a sad reality,

That we hold onto,

Keeping our secrets,

Telling a few,

With the hope that they will,

Keep our secrets,

In their breasts

And with our goodwill.

But there’s always someone,

Or something,

Heartless enough

To scandalise

Something so personal.


Should be cherished,

Not abused.

10 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. I’m guilty: I have told my secrets to others, knowing I really shouldn’t. They turned into gems, cut and polished, and came back with many facets. When I heard them again, I was looking at sides someone else had created and I felt like you did when you wrote this poem.

    I’m also guilty because I have told others’ secrets. Your poem reproves me as I think of a friend’s secrets I’ve shared — maybe not all, but small parts — and by now they are also probably quite multi-faceted. Oh, how weak we humans are!

    Thank God there’s such a thing as forgiveness, because none of us are totally free of guilt. So we have to put down our stones and communicate, or we all die.

    • I think all humans are guilty of telling a secret for one reason or other! So no worries there…I also think my poem is a little harsh.
      But telling secrets is a sign of bonds, you have them, tell some as proof of friendship, trust and whatever other reasons there might be for telling them. If everyone in this world kept their secrets there’d be no conflict, and it’d be boring. Also, there probably wouldn’t be such a thing as forgiveness either, haha.
      I don’t fault anyone for telling secrets though, sometimes there’s just no helping, well except for the instances in the poem – that’s just nasty.
      Anyway Thank you for commenting! And if you’re interesting, you can check out my mini forgiveness poem –

      • You’re right; we have to share. I know someone who doesn’t want anyone to know anything about her. Neither does she want to know anything about anybody else; she won’t even ask her coffee klatch friends their last names or where they live.
        I think your poem was just fine; it bring across the deep emotions of being betrayed. We need to know that our friends may feel this way if we blab their secrets.
        You’re also right; if people around me were all perfect, I would never get to exercise any virtues like forgiveness. I’ll check out your poem.
        By the way, I really like your header and the color tones you’ve picked. Very soothing.

        • Really? Wow, that’s pretty extreme. Though I guess that’s just the way your friend is. Well it’s different to this poem, but I thought that you might be interested?
          Haha thank you! I do like the tones as well, I was going for something green, don’t know why, but it matched my mood when I chose it!

        • Lol haha
          Oh thank you for your kind words, it’s very sweet of you 🙂
          So have you, turns out I have been to your blog before and like it, but I don’t know why I didn’t follow I thought I had…. You have an interesting blog btw!
          Thank you for following!

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