I want to be an adult

So I can wear those gorgeous high heels.

I want to be an adult,

So I can look tall and elegant in that sexy dress.

I want to be an adult,

With a job, a car, and a apartment to call my own.

I want to grow up, quick,

It sucks being a teen with pimples on my face.

I want to grow up, quickly,

I hate the idea of going to school for six hours.

I want to grow up, quicker!

So I can graduate and go to university.

I go to uni,

The hours are easy.

I go to uni,

Why am I lagging behind on my work?!?

I go to uni,

Not far now.

I am an adult,

Making my own choices.

I am an adult,

Exhausted with every hard working day.

I am an adult,

I love my boyfriend very much.

I wish,

My days weren’t so repetitive.

I wish,

I could sleep through the morning.

I want to be a kid again,

To feel the carefree moments, and think only of today.

I want to be a kid again,

And have my dreams and fantasies.

I want to be a kid again,

But those days are gone.

I can only see the future,

I can only choose tomorrow.

I can only be, an adult.

6 thoughts on “Adult.

  1. being an adult is fine
    funny how we’re
    taught pressure to waste so much time wanting
    another way to distract
    us from
    what is really happening around us
    oh yes

    the real battle is keeping your mind your own


    • hello! thank you for commenting. And I totally agree. I think if you focus on what makes you happy, then you’ll be perfectly happy (or at least content) no matter what age you are! I just think it’s sad sometimes that, there are moments, where one feels as though they wish they were younger, when things seemed less complicated…but it was probably just as complicated then too.

    • Lolol, I fit into the uni part…but I wish I didn’t have so much work to do hahaha. πŸ˜€ sweet! Thank you very much!!!! And Congratulations to you too!!!

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