The Time Travellers.

He travels through time,

Unceasingly, gathering knowledge,

Turning the time in his hand.


She travelled through time,

Once too often, seeking for someone,

Turning the time around her wrist.


He travels through time,

Becoming a genius,

Aware that he is lacking something.


She travelled through time,

Following her heart,

To the centre of the universe.


He travels through time,

Being drawn by an unforeseeable force,

Controlled by a desire.


She travelled through time,

Clutching her wrist,

Her heart out of control.


He travels through time,

Stopping every year,

Looking left and right.


She travelled through time,

Unbeknownst to her,

That she was searching for that someone.


He travels through time,

His hands itching,

Knowing he’s close.


She travelled through time,

And then she stopped,



He travels through time,

His heart suddenly breaking,

He clutches it.


They travel through time,


That they were passing each other.


They travel onwards,


Constantly looking, drawn by some force.


They travel forever,

Forever time travels,

Ageless and age old.


They travel eternally,

Looking for each other,

Drawn by fate, never reaching.


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