Autumn Darkness.


The sky darkens earlier, and the rain pours more frequently.  The sun shines and moods fade easily.  Going to work, going to uni, walking down that empty lane all seems hours longer, kilometres further than usual.  How odd, how odd company can be, to make the darkness fade.  It brightens the day with warm light.


8 thoughts on “Autumn Darkness.

        • Oopsss I meant *thank you for stopping by haha. Took me a moment to remember which was your blog, went back and remembered. I really loved that poem, it was lovely 🙂

          • no worries, i’m glad you like it . i wrote it long time ago believe it or not i was so depressed at that time . who said depression is no good ^_^

            • hahaha well that’s an optimistic way of looking at depression…despite how serious it can get. It’s lovely though, I keep checking back over it and marvelling. Haha, hard to believe, but there’s just something about it! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

              • lool i had to other wise i would of gone banana or something , sometimes you have to find away to see the good things out of those miserable moments for me its writing even if doesn’t make sense loool .
                thank you for this nice short chat ^_^

                • Very true!!! I think if you’re feeling depressed, if you can express get those feelings out, it’ll help! Well that’s what I think anyway, even if it’s crazy (art-wise), writing or music! Thank you! Haha, it was fun! ^O^

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