Quote #79

Albert EinsteinFrom Albert Einstein…

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”


8 thoughts on “Quote #79

  1. I already put ‘like” but it didn’t seem like enough. I think this quote is essential. Everyone talks about Einstein’s physics, but his philosophy is brilliant and admirable to me. Seems like he had a lot of soul.

    • I’ll raise my glass to that! I don’t know much about his physics, science was pretty much my worst subject in highschool, but I see his quotes everywhere! And to me, they’re so much more valuable than the other stuff (not, that they’re not valuable of course, I just don’t get it!)

      • I suspect that much of his wisdom and world view that is so evident in his quotes came from his wide understanding of the nature of physical things. Kind of like how nature soothes your soul, only he could understand it at a cosmic level. Sometimes I wish my brain was that vast, but I’m not so great at science either. I love learning about it though, it makes me appreciate everything I see a little bit more.

        • Hehe, I agree with that! I love watching documentaries about space (one of the few science-y things I enjoy) yet I can’t learn about the intricacies and theories that come with it. Science baffles me. So I compensate by being good at arts and humanities :P. The idea that he could understand things at a cosmic level makes me very aware of how ordinary I am. He’s such a genius! But his philosophy…well, it makes me look at the world a little differently and smile. 🙂

    • Really? Yeah, if I was more science orientated, I would have to say it was him who inspired me, but sadly…I am clearly not made for science. Thank you for commenting!

    • Indeed! That’s how I live my life (or try to), because if I didn’t then what’s the point of being half-arsed doing something that’s supposed to make one successful. I believe in being valuable in order to be successful, it just seems like it’d be more fun that way! Thank you for commenting! 🙂

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