Random Music Moment #54

This was great.  It totally deserved its place, but also I reckon it could have even won!  There was just something hot and fiery about this song, about the lyrics, about the performance.  There were some big vocals and well, it has to be watched to understood!

What’s to say, the lyrics are catchy, repetitive but catchy!  The stage performance, oh my god! Awesome, seriously, check it out below, it’s fabulous!  What else can I say?

You and me, can’t you see,
we’re playing with fire
Tell me now,
do you feel this burning desire?
Don’t stop, make it rock,
it’s taking us higher
Could it be just a dream?
Are you running away?

Lyrics HERE

Let me introduce today’s Random Music Moment and the next installment of the Lead-Up-To-Eurovision-Music-Moments, Playing With Fire By Ovi and Paula Seling 


2 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #54

  1. I remember this entry. It wasn’t one of my favourites, but wasn’t too bad.
    Just a heads up – I am about to put out a Jedward post on She Said What in an hour or so when I’m finished it and I’m sending pingbacks to your Jedward posts.

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