Blogoversary!! What a weird word lol!

April 18th.  That was the day I wrote my first blog post.  The day I made my first step into the world of blogging.  I cannot say anything except that it has been ONE AMAZING YEAR.

I have to thank all my followers for following me.  YOU have been beautiful.  And I thank you all again for going on this journey, and hopefully on the future journey with me.

What to say? what to say?  It’s a little difficult since sooooo much has happened.  But I guess I have to say this definitely.  I’m so glad I started this blog.  I’ve had so much fun!

But it hasn’t all been all fun and games.  I had many technical problems, bad days, lack of inspiration moments, and writer’s blocks.  I got distracted, got enthusiastic, got a little stale.  But then I got inspired, felt love, felt happiness, felt enlightenment.  Shocking, dramatic, but totally true!  I’ll say, I started this on a whim, for those who visited my Best Moment Blog Award page and read my acceptance speech, you’ll know I began my blog because I wanted to share my writing but didn’t know exactly what to right or what theme.  I didn’t know what direction I was walking in or what road would get me to the end, if the end was in sight.  Instead, I could only see the steps in front of me, and the steps leading up.  But I couldn’t see any further.

Since then, as I have always said, so much has happened.  And for the first time (well maybe the second or third) since I first started decided to commit to various things with the intention of having a) accomplishments to look back on when I’m old and grey, b) have relationships, and friendships ties with people I want to know til the day I die and c) have fulfilled my dreams, or in a sense aimed to fulfil my dreams, something I don’t ever regret not doing.

Making this blog, posting everyday, looking for inspiration was tiring.  It was.  Really.  But I would never not do it.  It has become something as precious as my 6-year-old netbook (it’s so out of date that it’s still using Windows XP).  It’s something that I can’t ignore, can’t turn away from, and it’s not an obligation.  It’s something I love.  Haha.

This might sound dramatic, and ridiculous, because Hello~! there are some things more important in life, but three days ago, I had a worse than possibly bad day.  It was unbelievable yet I blame getting up on the wrong side of the bed.  But really, it was a surprisingly bad day that ended on the biggest blow (to me is was big) I’d ever experienced.  My beloved, cherished netbook stopped working.  It didn’t turn on, I freaked.  It didn’t charged, I freaked again.  I was freaking out all night knowing that I couldn’t a) access all my data on my netbook – this is significant because for a long time lately I hadn’t been backing up my documents, merely saving them in the most convenient place possible aka my netbook harddrive.  Lazy, I know, but, welllllllllllll…anyway and b) I couldn’t exactly blog properly.  Sure, I have an android phone now, but it’s not a Sony Experia or a Samsung S3 much less an iPhone 5.  It’s just a humbly Samnsung Mini which looks like this:

Only mine’s black.  So when I’m on wordpress writing a post, it’s sometimes very difficult.  My keypad tends to take up the majority of the screen so I type blind a lot of the time.  And THAT my dears, is why when my netbook decided not to switch on or charge, I freaked out triple time.  Sure I could use the other computer in the house, but essentially the feeling wouldn’t be the same.  Sure I could use the other computers in the house, but I’d lost a lot of work on my netbook.  And the idea of missing out my daily posting, made me very sad.  It’s become custom for me to check my blog, read blogs, post pages everyday three times a day.  BUT I was determined.  Even if it was difficult I would have tried to post from my phone.  That’s how much this blog means to me.  That’s how much I love it.  Haha, boy I sound rather dramatic, but it’s true!  It’s all true.

That’s how this blog means to me AND the fact that as of today, it has been alive and active for ONE WHOLE YEAR!  So congratulations to me for committing and thank you all for following and reading what I have to say, read and write!  It means a lot!  I hope I can do this again next year!

And finally since I’m running out of things to say that make me excited, I have one last exciting thing to do! Leading up to this special, special day, I felt nostalgic so I went back to the beginning and I started re-reading all my posts.  I have written so much.  IN on year I wrote One Hundred and Fifty-Four 55 fiction stories, fifteen 1000 word stories, Forty-One Suggestive Reads, Forty-Eight Random Music Moments, Sixty-Nine quotes, Forty-Five poems and Five posts about authors I adore.  And that is A LOT.  And I’m proud.

Going back, I found some stories that I forgot that I wrote.  So Happy Blogoversary to me!  And Happy Blogging to all my followers and readers and passerbys!  Enjoy!  For those who can’t be bothered going back to the start (becaause I do agree I’ve written too much :P) here is the beginning – I even wrote the Illusionist by hand first! 😛 so ENJOY!  Happy blogoversary!!!


Snow White

The Essence of Angel


The Sword

Just Beautiful

The Stars

Dare To Enter The Fairy Ring

The Rape Of Persephone

The Illusionist


10 thoughts on “Blogoversary!! What a weird word lol!

    • Nawww thank you!!! I’d gladly accept your cake if I lived nearer lol~ Thank you for enjoying my blog!! I’m glad you found it because it was great meeting you and i love your own amazing blog! Happy blogging!

  1. Happy Blogoversary, Nina 🙂
    What an achievement you have done….look at all the story you have written! I am not even near you and I have blogged longer 😉

    May your blog grows bigger on the next blogoversary 🙂

    • Thank you so much! !! Lol well I will keep the commitment! 🙂 (Your blog is way more diverse than mine and I find it excessively fascinating! Keep blogging 😀 love it!!!

  2. I’m SO glad I came by today and finally accepted the special and enthusiastic awards you gave me so that I get to wish you a Happy Blogoversary!! You’re awesome, and along with all your amazing writing and posts, you have also give a year of fabulous energy and encouragement to me and so many of us in the blogosphere. I’m so glad you have kept blogging and that netbook or not, you’re still here celebrating the first year with more to come!

    • Haha thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you came by today too!!! I’m happy that I was able to convey my energy and encouragement to you and those in the blogosphere! It gives me pleasure knowing that I could :). Yep, I wouldn’t give it up for the world! (But double thumbs up – my netbook is up and running again 😀 it has way more life than I expected, but turns out it was the adaptor that died = sad, but I got a new one!)
      Thank you again for your kind words you’re wonderful!!! 🙂 Happy blogging and you’ll definitely see me around checking out your breathing space 😀

        • Me too!!! Along with some uni works I thought I lost all my blogging work and I was freaking out just a bit, but the bf and the family helped out, and next thing I knew, the problem was all solved! 😀 so very happy about that!!! Yep definitely. Happy Blogging!!!!

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