Going to Uni.


I take my seat, drink my coffee, feel invigorated.  I’m ready.  The lecturer begins talking.  It’s not long before my eyes droop.  I jerk up. I’m awake.  Seriously.  But they keep talking, as expected.  Still, the coffee can’t fight my desire to doze.  I jerk up again.  It’s interesting, really, just boring to listen to.



8 thoughts on “Going to Uni.

    • Yeah, just a bit. When uni starts, it’s always hard adjusting. Haha, but really, I liked the material, it’s just the delivery was a little monotonous, so it was hard staying awake, especially when I had less sleep the night before.

    • Omg morning lectures are the worst :o, my earliest now are 10 and 11 but I had ones that started at 8. This one was based on my afternoon lecture, but it was also the last one for the week and well I was just a little tired haha. 😛 Thanks for commenting! 🙂

    • LOL Yep it’s sad as in boring yet exciting all at once. When I take holiday snapshots though I get distracted by the scenery and take heaps of the landscape, forgetting that I should actually take pics of my family lol. Haha Thank you for commenting!

        • Hahaha well have fun! Don’t be like me where when you look through the happy snaps, there aren’t enough of the family and too many of the scenery (and maybe the dog too) Lol Happy Blogging!!

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