Random Music Moment #45

Another favourite for the Eurovision-is-around-the-corner RMM posts!  This one was from Turkey.  I actually saw clippings of this performance in the MX one the Friday, I think I screamed especially when I saw the extent of the act.  Hello is that a grinder?  Or whatever that sparkling piece of machinery is called?  It’s awesome, literally, nothing can beat it.  And then we have the song.  I love it’s title, and the lyrics, well they certainly did catch my attention haha.

I can see it in your eyes
It doesn’t count as a surprise
I see you dancing like a star
No matter how different we are

For all this time I’ve been loving you
Don’t even know your name

For just one night, we could be the same
No matter what they say

And I feel I’m turning the page
And I feel the world is a stage
Lyrics from HERE

Yep, I liked the lyrics.  And the song.  And the metal grinder.  And then well, let’s go back to the song haha.  Turkey is always one of my favourites in the competition, and it sucks that they’re not entering this year! I don’t know why yet, but I have a feeling it’s either money-wise or politcal-wise.  So that’s a bummer!

Anyway I still have this —> Today’s Random Music Moment is We Could Be The Same By maNga


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