Random Music Moment #44

“One to hundred
multiplied by you
it all looks great
it all looks good”

Lyrics – HERE

Today is the 10th of April.  It is just over a month until Eurovision!  Yay! So clearly, I’m excited!  And when it’s Eurovision time, I just cannot help going back and listening to my old favourites from Eurovision.  You know, everyone always looks at me weird when I say I watch Eurovision.  I guess it’s because I’m in Australia and people have better things to do than to watch a (possibly) rigged – not that I think it is, but there are so many political ties connected to it that sometimes you just can’t help but roll your eyes because you know Greece is going to give Cyprus ten points and Croatia will give Serbia ten points lol- and it has possibly the wackiest costumes and all the above that the Australian media just love to pick on!  Which I SWEAR pisses me off sometimes.  But! I refuse to be swayed.  I LOVE Eurovision and I absolutely don’t care if people think all of the previously mentioned.

While I do agree not all the singers are great on Eurovision, there are some great songs and performances.  Some of them are really worth listening to and not all of them are the winners or within the top ten.  Except, I’m pretty sure this song made to the top ten.  Because I love the lyrics and I think the melody is beautiful, I give to you today’s (errr more like tonight’s) Random Music Moment…Love In Rewind By Dino Merlin (They came 6th for Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2011).


5 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #44

  1. Hi and thanks for the shout out to my guest post on The Cheeky Diva! I’m a fellow Australian Eurovision tragic. I’m backing Denmark this year…show us your tear drops!

    • Hiiii!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I love your article it’s great (except I didn’t listen to the songs haha, I want it to be a surprise ! 🙂 ). Lololol from the sounds of it, Denmark sounds good, can’t wait to hear it in like a month 😛 (I can’t believe it, this is like the only thing in the world that I don’t want spoiled before hand, it’s like reading the ending of a book before starting it just find out how it ends – only! I don’t mind that lol, it’s more interesting, but for some reason, I Eurovision is like omg I have to watch it live – partly live anyway). I usually back Turkey because I generally like their songs, but I’m absolutely disappointed that they’re not entering this year!!! :O. Anyway! I’ve completely ranted! Thanks for commenting, looking forward to more Eurovision posts by you :)!

      • Ha ha! Fair enough, I’ll try not to ruin it for you. I like to check out the videos for all the entries and pick my favourites beforehand. I agree, Turkey has had some great entries.
        I usually blog on my own page She Said What (stephrogers.com). I was guest posting on another site that day. I have published a post you may like that is my recap of the history of Eurovision. Check it out here http://stephrogers.com/2013/03/28/ive-never-heard-of-eurovision-what/
        The tin foil drag queens are a highlight!
        Nice to meet you!

        • Oohhh I shall I have a look!! (Anything about Eurovision – I will devour it!!!!! :PPP)
          To be honest I did try last year to watch all the entries beforehand, but I kind of couldn’t decide which one to listen to first on the eurovision site, then I ran out of time because I had assignments due, so the feeling of enjoying it was ruined. I ended up just listening to a few then waiting for the semis and final in May, which was AWESOME>!!!!! lolol Though, I didn’t like Turkey’s entry as much as the year before, but it wasn’t bad 😀
          Tin foil drag queens are always welcome 😛
          Nice to meet you too!! Thanks for commenting!

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