Random Music Moment #39

This popped into my head.  Unfortunately I only knew part of the lyrics which was really sad because I remember this song.  It used to get stuck in my head for no apparent reason than to sing the chorus for the rest of my life lol.  So I asked, one, my —friend if he knew the song, and two, google if they knew which song it was.  And well, as expected, the answer turned up, with the lyrics I knew as the title of the song, and next to it, the artist.  Well, that was easy.  It makes me feel kind of silly knowing that the only part of the song that I knew was actually the the title.  But at least I know who it’s by now haha.

And now, for the song of the random moment, today’ s RMM, you’ll probably know this?  I mean  know this and I’m not that old lol.

Today’s Random Music Moment is Losing My Religion by REM


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