Where Will We Meet?


I check my watch,

Tapping my feet,

Unable to stand still,

So I sat.

But I can’t seem to sit,

Because I can’t stop checking,

The time that passes on my watch.

Where will we meet?

I’d asked.

By the fountain,

You said.

And me,

Not wanting to prove,

That I have several,



And very stupid,

Insecurities about this,


And smiled,



Why not?

What a stupid thought,

That was,

To arrive,

Half an hour early,

I have to say,

I hate being late.

I have to say,

It was my fault,

I’m sure he would have come earlier,

If only I said so.

But I was too stubborn.

So this is my own fault,

For feeling anxious,






You show up.

I can tell,

From the shocked expression

On your face,

You didn’t expect me to be early,

Much less

Cold from waiting.

He says nothing,

But takes off his jacket,

And wrap it around my shoulders.

Where will we meet?

If I never asked that,

Then I guess this never would have happened,

I laugh,

I can’t believe it.

I’m so relieved.

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