We Dream.

When we start,

We have a lot of dreams,

From being a sports star,

To a singer,

To being the prime minister!

We dream about the future,

Coloured in every shade,

It’s a pureness

That can’t be touched,

Not yet,

By the tainted hands of reality.

We close our eyes

And make our dreams real,

Dancing in the shadows,

Of the light in our dreams.

They are fantasies,

Created in stories,

Talked about jovially,

Unaware of the future.

I can see the reality,

The way it dawns under the sun,

Still waiting,

In their light.

They don’t know,

We don’t know

When we’re just kids,

That dreams can be unfulfilled.

But, we still dream.

We still want happiness,

Joy and excitement,

When we sleep at night.

Let us have our dreams,

Let us grow,

With good education,

Good friends,

A loving family.

Until we grow into reality,

To the cold hard world,

To the place beyond the playground,

Where we work for life.

We may still have good friends,

A loving family and good education,

But how we get them…

Is what we call life.

It’s hard,

Sometimes painful,

Sometimes joy full,

But mostly, it’s beyond our dreams.

5 thoughts on “We Dream.

  1. this is really good…tho I have to admit that when I read the tittle, I can’t stop smilling and want to write ‘we dream…but do we really dream?’ (a quote from my fav comedy 😉 )

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