Random Music Moment #33

This is unusual.  For some reason I can’t find the original vid, instead I can only fine the promo in which I seriously loved what I was hearing, and then from there the first single that this art released.  It’s not as good as the song that’s on the promo for the new Australian drama “A Place Called Home” but it’s still pretty good.  Still pretty interesting.

But it puts me in a bit of a tifle (is that even a word? Lol, probably not, but it is now!! Just think of it as a word from Nina’s Unofficial Dictionary of Random Words :P).  I can’t decide which video to put first.  I want to put the promo up first, but!  I can’t really because it’s not the full song, and well, it’s a promo.  So it means I should put the other song up first.  But I don’t like it as much as the other.

Okay, So I decided with the full song first.  But please! definitely listen to the second, ignore the fact that it’s a promo, I hate that I fall in love with songs in promos, but geezzzzzzzzzz they do such a good job picking songs and creating this promo which makes me want to watch them, even though I know, when I do, it might not be as good as it was advertised.  Bleh.

Anyway today’s RMM is: Smoke Into Flames By Penelope Austin

And for the promo song, (A Place to Call Home By Penelope Austin) which I really want to get my hands on soon!  Here is a sample 🙂 Enjoy !


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