My Devotion To You

I wait,
Hand over heart,
Eyes closed,
Whispering to the wind.
I tell,
The secrets I hide,
and the fears in my breast as I wait,
only for you.
I wait holding lotuses
that I am ready to lay at your feet
you are more than a rose,
red, white, or blue.
You are more than a purple sunset,
the imposible shade,
the rare shade.
I worship you,
as I lay the world’s water at your feet.
I will not leave,
I am forever your most fervent admirer,
your lover,
your statue in the snow.
I worship where you walk,
where you stand,
where you bless the land.
You are more than water.
you are more than lotuses.
I love you,
so much it hurts.
But even if you never look my way,
I am only devoted to you.
I don’t even care if you play me
twist me around your slender fingers.
I just know I love you
somewhere further than heaven,
deeper than the sea,
more precious than the lotus flower.

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