Random Music Moment #32

Omg lol, after yesterday’s nostalgic RMM I got some more nostalgia and well, I went back and looked at all the songs I had memories, fond or not, and sighed.  It was a very big, very heavy, and very long sigh.

I came in contact with this song when I was in yr 9.  One of my brother’s friends was letting it blast, out loud, through the headphones that were wrapped around his neck.  And I’d been hearing it all week, so when I heard it from the headphones, I practically jerked them off.  Poor guy!  But it saved me the trouble of searching for it.

SO for today’s Random Music Moment, I present, Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast in America by Gym Class Heroes.  I don’t have much to say about the video.  Generally I prefer to listen than watch it, but still…  well enjoy!  for those who remember (either liking or hating) enjoy another trip down memory, and for those who haven’t heard it before, well, enjoy! Maybe?


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