Random Music #30

So today’s RMM is also going to be a little different.  I found this mix of hits on youtube as I was looking for another RMM for today and I figured I might as well lol.  Sure it’s mostly pop and I think Britney Spears turns up one too many times, but there are so many familiar songs from when I was growing up I felt nostalgic.  Even the Calling and Anastasia were featured.  Omg Linkin Park!! I remember Evanescence.  And of course Black Eyed Peas.   Ah I remember Lonely by Akon, I used to love it heaps.  But I love the Coldplay song featured!  Yep definitely nostalgic.  Especially those from 2007 and onwards (though the ones before then were familiar too).  It’s a flashback RMM today so enjoy!

(I considered writing down all the names and artists, but it already shows on the vid.  Sorry the video is not that great in itself, but I felt so nostalgic about all the songs I didn’t want to change to another!  And anyway I might feature some of these as their own RMM’s so keep watching!)


4 thoughts on “Random Music #30

    • Lol yes!!!! I totally know! After I found this one, I kept looking at others, but this one was the best in terms of nostalgia! Lol, yeah Coldplay is just awesome I love Viva la Vida too, which made it so much better (the mix that is) 🙂 thanks for commenting!! 🙂

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