I Am My Own Woman.

I look into the mirror and see,

Something that terrifies me.

There are wrinkles where once there were none,

Unlike the rose that once bloomed under the sun.

What am I now that the petals have fallen,

And the thorns are what remains?

I am a woman of age,

Of experience,

Of time.

Is it so bad?

That I’m so old?

It shouldn’t be…

I should be proud.

I have lived a life to be worthy of,

Not short of travel,

Of interesting sights

And experiences.

It wasn’t short of love,

Family and friends,

And those special moments.

It wasn’t bereft of light,


And all things good.

But somehow I’m empty,

So suddenly feeling the weight

Of the empty room I call my bedroom,

And the cleanliness of every piece of furniture.

Of all my loves,

I had not one left.

Of all my happiness,

It was always because of someone else.

Of everything,

I asked only for a career.

And I’m alone.

I shouldn’t have to be.

I shouldn’t have to be asked whether,

It’s him or the job.

I am my own woman,

With my own career

And a network that is solely mine.

But I don’t want to lose it,

And I don’t want to be alone.

But I am my own woman.

And if the person I’m with,

Cannot understand that,

I can only cry when they leave after.

Because it would be cruel,

To ask them to stay,

Even though I’m selfish.

I am my own woman,

With wrinkles of experience

And a smile that reflects the past.

8 thoughts on “I Am My Own Woman.

  1. Inspiring poem.Every living being goes through life’s seasons.The Golden age reminds us we are human and the fate is the same fate .I appreciate your visit.Have a wonderful day.jalal

    • :O Yes yes you did haha, but your words are beautiful. “Age is not nearly as important as a great soul, looks are nothing compared to great character” – this I completely believe. Thank you for commenting :).

      • After I wrote that, it occurred to me that it could have been taken the wrong way. So glad it wasn’t. Would never hurt someone intentionally, especially when they write and think such kind and tender thoughts as you do~ Your Blog is inspirational.

        • Thank you! Your words are too kind 🙂 I am humbled truly. Well if there was another meaning, it hadn’t occurred to me, I probably missed it, since I’m kind of half dead. So! It’s all good! Thank you! The theme this year – coincidentally since I didn’t actually decide to be inspirational this year, until I wrote my Inspiration poem (Here if you feel like checking it out: https://wordsthatflowlikewater.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/inspiration/) – so I’m elated to know that my blog is inspirational, even to one person.. Thank you so much!

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