Random Music Moments #29

Today’s music moment is more of a section of music from a particularly old favourite of mine.  It’s also the scene as well as the music.

Well, I loved it.  I remember when I watched it and couldn’t believe the whole movie was all completely music with barely and words, or was it no words at all?

But the music is great.  Especially this scene.  I really love it. Expressive, entertaining, foreboding and light, lol!

Anyway, today’s RMM is The Sorceror’s Apprentice scene from Fantasia by Disney

And for those of you who’ve seen the Nicholas Cage movie, maybe it’s familiar?  I’m not surprised though, the movie was inspired by this section of Fantasia.  So I also present this from the movie, The Sorceror’s Apprentice featuring Nicholas Cage….

And for the interesting bits about the making of this film (Well, I thought it was interesting….)


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