Random Music Moment #28

I remember it was my last year of highschool when this song found it’s way nuzzling into my list of music from wherever.  Probably, it was one of those songs that I found randomly, was inspired by randomly, was something random.  Either, I liked, loved it, can still can’t get enough of it!

Oh wait, I just remembered where I heard it.  My friend was in a band, part of her music subject, and as part of that same subject they had lunchtime performances. Her music is a little different than mine, BUT I loved this song.  And I loved the way she sung it.

Anyway so that’s how I got into this song, through amateur lunchtime performances, which I attended to show support for my friends, but really, overly, I did enjoy it at the end.  There were few things off, and whatnot, but who cares, your friend is singing, and her voice is pretty damn good!

So Today’s RMM is Hysteria by Muse (haha, love Muse as you can see :P)


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