Random Music Moment #25

This particular band is currently almost non-existing bahaha harsh words, right?  Well it’s not a lie.  They’re really small and I think, they might just still be looking for a big break.  Not that they aren’t out there looking for gigs and playing them!  Oh but then again, they might be known in the maribyrnong area for all I know.  Since it’s me and I’m careless about all things music, all I can whine about is that they don’t have a video!!  Then again, like I said before I don’t know much about music, nor do I really care (says the girl posting nearly everyday about music she likes pfftttttttt haha), but if there is something I hear that I really like, then I will write about them.

Today’s RMM is something special, I think.  They have a really good sound that I don’t think disappoints.  Unfortunately they don’t have any videos to post, and since, my dear readers, you all know how love videos, this is kinda disappointing.  But nonetheless!  I can embed the song, and I have links!!  It’s only one, or two, if you count their facebook page, but it has two songs.  Each is as good as the other.  Something smoky, something different.  I’m interested in the sound, hopefully I get to see them hit it well in the music industry!

Today’s Random Music Moment is Ebola by Qlaye Face and House of Sand also by Qlaye Face.

Ebola by Qlaye Face


House of Sand by Qlaye Face

House of Sand

Qlaye Face’s Myspace Page : Here

Qlaye Face’s Facebook Page: Here

Boooo I don’t think the players are supposed to look like that. Sigh. Oh well, at least when you click on them they go to where they’re supposed to go. And you can still listen to the songs. Until I figure out how to embed stupid myspace music links, this will have to be it. Sorry guys!!! And Enjoy!!!


4 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #25

    • Oh wow! I love them too! I wish them heaps of luck for the future. (I don’t know how myspace music links are supposed to look, but I have feeling they aren’t supposed to look like that) Anyway! I’m glad you like them and thanks for commenting :)!

        • Omg really? If you find how, let me know! I’m still at a loss and I posted that a few days ago! I’m not sure what it is about myspace, but their links completely baffle me. Then again, I’m still pretty new to embedding just music. videos from youtube are easy in comparison :S

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