Random Music Moment #23 and Random Music Moment #24

Well, today’s is special.  Since for once there wasn’t something in my head I saked my friend “What song’s stuck in your head today” and she said “Heartattack”.  I was “ooohh, who’s it by?” and she was like “Demi Lovato.” Haha I knew she was a fan, and since I’ve never really been a fan, I’ve never really listened to her sing except in the Band Camp movies.  Yeah lol, I watched the movies.  It just happened to be a very boring day that day.

She seriously piqued my curiosity since out of the two of us, my friend is more music orientated than me.  Interested, I went onto Youtube and listened.  I was stunned.  Seriously I never thought I could possible like such a song, yet, somehow I do.

So today’s first Random Music Moment is Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

I also really like this particular video that’s aimed at the lyrics rather than just a video.  It’s cool.

And the second, because I love the video.  I think it’s interesting.  RMM #24 is Skyscraper by Demi Lovato



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