Legend Of The Red Rose.

Pricked on the finger,

In the back,

Cut on the lips,

Dare to be,

Kissed by the red rose.

Of myth and legend,

She is just one woman,

Wrapped in silk red,

With dark eyes

And red lips.

The Legend is just a word,

On the street,

Passed by ear,

Whispered by the mouth.

She kisses her suspects,

And lays a red rose on her victims.

She’s venomous,


Thin as a stick.

She’s beautiful to behold,

A femme fatale,

Of the worst kind.

She knows what she does,

And she does it anyway.

She’s heartless,

A murderer,

A vigilante.

She will not give up,

Not even at the expense,

Of her life.

It is my burning desire,

A ball of fire,

That only knows how to burn.

But she has a child,

That’s not her own.

She loves him,

As if he was her own,

And she wants him to have,

The best,

Most wonderful life,


She doesn’t know though,

That the more she loves,

The more she cares,

The more she cherishes him,

That someone knows.

The Red Rose,

Is notorious,

For her devilish ways

Of dealing

With the worst antagonist.

She knew,

But she forgot,

Just how many enemies she had.

So when the final bell chimed,

On the twenty-first hour,

Of an auspicious day,

She didn’t expect to return home,

To a house that was not home anymore,

But an empty place where home had run away.


Had become a house,

With a red kiss and a red rose.

She was the Legend,

The Red Rose vigilante,

Without a heart,

Or concern,

For the people she killed.

She had forgotten,

You see,

She doesn’t usually forget,

But some part of her,

Had found something warmer

Than that burning desire.

And she forgot,

In the worst possible way,

Who she was.

As she kneels besides the little boy,

She’s nurtured and cherished,

She shed her first tear,

Closing his eyes,

She kissed his cheek,

With the red lips in the right shade.

Folding his hands,

She remembered again,

The thing she should never forget.

That is,

She is,

The Red Rose.


[I realise that there is a real  legend out there with the same title, but this poem isn’t related to that legend, this is purely from the massive imagination forum in my head (:, sorry to disappoint!]


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